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He descends from French and American Indian ancestry, was raised on his native Osage Reservation in Oklahoma and now weaves tapestries. This portrait tells his story.

He is Crane Day, a Tucson-based artist and master weaver. Commissioned to celebrate a major birthday, Crane’s portrait features him standing in front of one of his handwoven tapestries wearing a Pendleton blanket favored by the Osage men and holding a hand-beaded peace pipe passed down through generations of his family.

Russell likes to include objects that have special meaning for the sitter or represents their achievements. In a child’s portrait, it might be a favorite doll, baseball hat or a pet. For one pathologist it was his personal collection of antique microscopes. A business portrait could include a book he or she authored or a symbol such as the American eagle painted in the Philadelphia Union League Club’s portrait of its president.

No matter who you are, your portrait is your legacy, commemorating your life, and telling your story to future generations.

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“I continually hear high praise from those who have observed the portrait you painted of The American College’s most prominent benefactor, Frank M. Engle, last spring. Many of the Trustees have noted the brilliance of your work relative to capturing Frank’s character and spirit as well as the general likeness of the physical characteristics of the man. Equally important has been the satisfaction of Frank’s family and friends in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Frank likes it so much that he requested a photograph of the portrait be used on the Frank M. Engle Lecture invitation that will be held on campus in May in lieu of a photograph of him that we have used annually for over a decade. All of us involved in this project found working with you to be a most pleasurable opportunity. Your flexibility and humility are beyond expectation in view of your extraordinary talent.“

-Samuel H. Weese, President and Chief Executive Officer
The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA.