Why Commission a Portrait?

Because it’s a work of art, and a unique celebration of someone’s life!

As an artist there is nothing more difficult, fascinating or rewarding for me than capturing a successful likeness of a human being on canvas. A likeness is more than a record of a person’s features; it’s their spirit. It’s character. It’s the way he or she sits or stands. It’s how they tilt their head and even what they wear. It all contributes to who they are.
Fine art comes in many forms and all are challenging in their own way. But the ultimate will always be the human face and body. Nothing demands more of an artist. Nothing requires more skill and determination than to create an excellent portrait. That skill and determination resonates in the final portrait to the satisfaction of both artist and client.
There are many reasons for commissioning a portrait: tradition, recognition, the creation of fine art, the capture of a personal moment in time, recording family history, an expression of honor, or simply to remember someone.  Whatever the reason, a portrait endures. It creates a legacy and commemorates a life. It tells someone’s story to future generations.  A quality portrait is a significant and meaningful gift that can increase in value many times its original investment. And in terms of human and family appreciation it’s priceless.

“I want you to know how very pleased Betty and I are with the portrait you did of me for the Union League. I have heard a number of very laudatory comments from members of the Board of Directors and Past Presidents who have seen it. It was a real pleasure sitting for you.”

-Mr. Robert Miller
President, Union League Club of Philadelphia