Unfinished Portrait

This is a photo of the portrait of Helen in progress. It is near completion but still needs some work. I periodically like to place it in a frame at this stage to get an overall view of the work.

About Russell Recchion
Russ is an award winning portrait and landscape painter and a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He studied and painted extensively in England and Italy. A member of Portrait Artists of Arizona, Brown County Art Guild,Tucson Plein Air Painters Society and the Hoosier Salon, where he was the winner three years in a row for Outstanding work in Portrait, Outstanding work in Landscape, and Outstanding work in any medium. Russell Recchion is listed in John Castagno's American Artists: Signatures & Monograms 1800 to 1989. Metuchen, NJ. Scarecrow Press, 1989.


2 Responses to “Unfinished Portrait”
  1. amy says:

    Hi Russ,
    Enjoyed looking at your blog and your latest paintings. I will forward the link to Dan so he can see the photos of him painting. He is off to Cortona, Italy next fall for his studio art major.
    Looks like you are busy with lots of portraits. Amy

  2. Russell W. Recchion says:

    What a great experience for Dan. It will only reinforce his love for art.

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