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What will they say about you in 2110?

Who will remember your life, and your story? A portrait lasts for centuries.  Portraits endure. They don’t disappear into cyberspace. They don’t get stacked in cardboard cartons to rot away in an attic. A portrait is a work of art, and a unique celebration of a life.

Portraits aren’t just for philanthropists, or business leaders or presidents. Portraits are for everyone, because everybody’s life is worth commemorating.

Perhaps your portrait will hang in a building you’ve endowed. Or in the boardroom of the business you created. Or over the mantle in your great-great-great grandchild’s home. Wherever it hangs, your portrait is your legacy, telling your story to future generations.

What story will your portrait tell?

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“I believe that Art has a divine source and lives in the hearts of all men who have been touched by the heavenly light. Once having tasted the delights of great art, one is inescapably and forever dedicated to it.”